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Keep costs low, but flavor rich and buttery

Get the taste and texture of butter, but without the cost, health and production limitations when you rely on products such as Crokvitol® and Palm Kernel Stearin from Bunge Loders Croklaan.

Customized formulas
Count on our experts to create a tailor-made fat solution that meets your specific needs.

A complete product portfolio
Bunge Loders Croklaan can duplicate the product attributes of a wide range of margarine and spreads using a combination of palm oil fractions and liquid oils. 

A track record of sustainability
Bunge Loders Croklaan has a well-earned reputation for meeting global standards for sustainable production and processing.

A world leader in commodities
Rely on our savvy, market-driven traders to minimize supply and cost challenges without compromising your supply chain.


Let’s create buttery flavor together!

Learn how exceptional products can cut costs and improve quality.
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Product Name Suggested Applications Product Description
Crokvitol® Spreads

Enzymatic hardstocks for green and healthy margarines.

Palm Kernel Stearin Spreads, Dairy Fat Alternatives
Palm Stearin Spreads, Candles, Non-Food Products
RBDPO Bakery, Bakery Filling Fat, Dough Fat, Spreads, Chocolate Spreads, Confectionery, Frying, Popcorn, Culinary, Oleochemicals, Animal Nutrition, Energy, Dairy Fat Alternatives