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SOURCE: EU Lipid Science Technology

by: Sabine Danthine, Sophie Delatte, Christophe Blecker, Kevin W. Smith and Krishnadath Bhaggan

Results of this research are useful for the fat industry as they could help to
develop new filling fats, based on shea stearin, with a reduced content of saturated fats, while maintaining
the desired physical properties of such specific products.

SOURCE: EU Lipid Science Technology

by: Joydeep Ray, Kevin W. Smith, Krishnadath Bhaggan, Zoltan K. Nagy and Andrew G. F. Stapley

This paper has two main practical applications: (i) Provides knowledge and
understanding of the crystallisation and polymorphic behaviour of isolated hard stearins, obtained from
enzymatic acidolysis of high oleic sunflower oil, which can be further used in CBE formulations. (ii) The
presence of minor components significantly delays the crystallisation of the stearins, confirming the
desirability of higher quality (less oxidised/hydrolysed) fat ingredients.

SOURCE: EU Lipid Science Technology

by: Veerle De Graef, Jeroen Vereecken, Kevin W. Smith, Krish Bhaggan and Koen Dewettinck

TAGs play an important role in determining the functional properties of fat-based food products such
as margarines, chocolate, and spreads. Nowadays, special attention is given to the role of the TAG
structure and how it affects functional properties such as mouth feel, texture, and plasticity. Key
to this research is the need to develop more healthy fats with a reduced level of trans and saturated
fatty acids (SFAs), while maintaining the desired properties.