Loders Croklaan expands its product portfolio with Betapol®

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Netherlands, Wormerveer – Loders Croklaan today announces the integration of Betapol® from their subsidiary company Lipid Nutrition, in their portfolio of specialty fats.

“With the integration of Betapol® in our product range of specialty fats, Loders Croklaan is planning for significant growth in the infant nutrition segment”, said Loek Favre, Chief Operating Officer, IOI-Loders Croklaan Europe.

Betapol®, the first human milk replacer, is a vegetable fat blend, prepared by enzymatic rearrangement. It has been specially developed for infant formulas and has a special triglyceride structure that matches the one found in mother’s milk very closely.

Several scientific studies show the benefits of Betapol®. Betapol® helps infant nutrition manufacturers to produce infant formulas which mimic more the composition of mother’s milk. Betapol® has been developed in order to overcome the problems associated with poor fatty acid absorption from infant formula and the negative consequences of this on energy supply, stool consistency and bone development.

Betapol® (www.betapol.com) has long been available for use in infant formula in Europe and many Asian countries, including China.