Taking Responsibility

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Raw materials from trusted sources

At Bunge Loders Croklaan, commitment to sustainable practices affects everything from our choice of raw materials to how we operate our refineries. Bunge Loders Croklaan is a frontrunner in sustainable development. We are convinced that we will serve you best tomorrow and today by sourcing responsibly produced and traceable raw materials from partners we know and trust.

We believe that balancing economic, social, and environmental interests creates long-term shared value.


We take pride in our portfolio of sustainable products and the leadership we show in bringing these products to the market.

  • First to supply sustainable palm to continental Europe (2010)
  • First to supply sustainable palm to the US (2011)
  • First to supply entire portfolio as RSPO mass balance (2012)
  • Millionth ton segregated (SG) RSPO certified palm oil unloaded (2014)

In addition to our products, we show our leadership in initiatives like the RSPO, the European Palm Oil Alliance and the Global Shea Alliance. Here we take an active role and show our commitment by providing accurate and science based contributions to the debate. 


Learn more about our responsible production of palm oil, other oils, and shea.

Find a copy of our sustainability certificates here.