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Lecithin for Animal Nutrition

We use our expertise in fat modification and animal nutrition to deliver a broad a range of bulk products for general feed use.

Our lecithin brings it all together
Vitavance™ – High End Products Tailored to Specific Needs

We also develop high-end fats and oils tailored for the needs of specific animal species:

  • Vitavance™ R-range: Bypass fats to increase milk production in ruminants
  • Vitavance™ V-range: fat and fatty acid based products to increase growth and vitality in poultry and pigs
  • Vitavance™ standard range: Extensive range of fat products, serving the needs of all animal groups

All these products are derived from traceable sources and characterized by their consistent high quality making them safe for both animals and consumers.

Bypass Fats to Increase Milk Production

In today’s market, efficient production of milk is vital. Feed composition is a key factor in achieving the best results with a healthy herd. Insufficient energy intake during lactation often results in metabolic disorders, poor reproductive performance and later, reduced milk volumes and fat percentages. Our Vitavance R range of products serves as a specific energy source in the ruminant diet. They are specifically designed to increase milk production, boost vitality and improve profitability. 

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