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Fat solutions for plant-based meat

More and more consumers are rapidly reducing their meat consumption and switching to a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet. They still crave the unique sensory experience of eating real meat, but it’s not always easy to find plant-based alternatives that are equally delicious.

With decades of lipid experience and our technical expertise, we work with you to develop innovative fat systems and co-create plant-based meat replacers that mimic the unmistakable sensory experience that real meat delivers. Our BeLeaf range of plant-based fats includes three products made from different sustainable raw materials. They form the basis for plant-based meat-replacement products with improved sensory characteristics in terms of appearance, texture, melting behavior, taste and juiciness. They can also lead to better processing as these products can come in bulk, blocks, powder or flakes.

As a result, we help you delight your customers with tasty, nutritious, clean-label, plant-based products that look, cook and taste like real meat.

Improved sensory experience
100% plant-based
Better processing
Reduced fat content compared to real meat

All in one package

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