Deoiled lecithin
The advantages of deoiled lecithin
Sourced from plant-based ingredients
Label friendly
Transparent, traceable supply chain
Allergen free (sunflower based)
Deoiled lecithin

Deoiled lecithins are free of oil when compared to fluid lecithin, opening up both functional and nutritional properties to your recipes. BungeMaxx deoiled lecithins have a number of excellent functional properties that make them suitable for a wide range of applications:
• emulsification
• stabilization
• dispersant
• anti-oxidant
• homogenization
• lubrication
• wetting agent

More than just an emulsifier

The phospholipids in lecithin are considered essential nutrients for proper functioning of the human body. Choline is involved in many
different processes, such as cell structure and messaging, fat transport and lipid metabolism, DNA synthesis and nervous system maintenance. The health claims that can be made on your
final product are regulated and vary per region and country

Made from plants, traced all the way back to the origin

BungeMaxx deoiled lecithins are a favorable alternative to synthetic emulsifiers because they are made from natural raw materials like soya, canola and sunflower. This natural source offers food processors labeling advantages such as GM-free or allergen free.

As the world’s largest producer of lecithins, our global footprint and transparent supply chain provides peace of mind for both the quality and the origin of our raw materials. And with our technical expertise
we can help you incorporate BungeMaxx deoiled
lecithins in your recipes.


Nutritional benefits
Higher Phosphatidylcholine levels in deoiled lecithin compared to standard liquid lecithin can add health claims to your product

European legislation 1333/2008 authorized health claims for food products that contain 8,25% of choline:

•    normal homocysteine metabolism
•    normal lipid metabolism
•    the maintenance of normal liver function