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Organic Lecithin
If the question is natural, organic is the answer
USDA Organic

Today ‘natural’ is the key 'ingredient' of food. BungeMaxx now offers organic lecithins for a wide range of applications. These lecithins are 100% plant-based, derived from non-GMO soya beans or (to avoid mix sun Soy) sunflower seeds that are grown without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They are also manufactured without chemical processing or extraction aids like hexane, strong lyes or bleaching. As a result, they meet regulations issued by the EU and the USDA National Organic Program regarding lecithins for use in organic food.

Comply with the highest standards
Quality and traceability

Our commitment toward sustainable products stretches into every type of raw material that is used to produce plant based products. Without distinction, we solely source from selected, trusted market parties, and we closely monitor our suppliers for responsible practices throughout every step in the supply chain. Thanks to our approach, we can provide a constant supply of high-quality organic lecithins. And of course, our organic lecithins deliver the same excellent properties as our other BungeMaxx lecithins. 
This commitment to quality, performance and sustainability allows you to produce non-GMO, gluten-free or vegan food products, like baked goods and chocolate, that satisfy today’s consumers’ wishes.

Healthy lifestyle drives demand for organic products
These current times bring a variety of insecurities impacting people’s lives and health. This circumstances increasingly make consumers want to know and control the origin of the products they consume. More than ever before.

Improve your products and your process

Our organic lecithin range brings multiple product and production advantages:

  • Emulsifier
  • Anti-splatter
  • Wetting of powders
  • Water retention
  • Crystallization control
  • Browning agent
  • Release agent
  • Baking aid


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BungeMaxx Organic Lecithin