Karibon | Bunge Loders Croklaan
A breakthrough premium CBE solution
100% shea-based
Lower levels of saturated fats (SAFA)
Improved bloom stability
Better heat stability (CBI)
Strong compatibility with cocoa butter
Fast crystallization
Great taste experience
Plant-based and label-friendly
First 100% shea-based premium cocoa butter equivalent (CBE)

Karibon is a patent-pending 100% shea-based premium Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE) that has all the processing benefits and versatility of leading CBEs in the market combined with the nutritional and sustainability benefits of shea.
As processors of shea for over 50 years in the West African region, Bunge Loders Croklaan is uniquely positioned to unlock the full value of shea through a solution that combines nutritional value, sustainability, a great sensory experience, and a robust supply chain.

Improved nutritional value

Oils and fats play an instrumental role in retaining the consumer's taste experience. Being 100% shea based, Karibon improves the nutritional value of a product as it is more abundant in stearic acid and has lower levels of saturated fats compared to cocoa butter and other more commonly used CBEs.
Karibon can be used in the final recipe to partly replace or complement cocoa butter while maintaining the performance and sensory perception in the final product application.

Exceeding the standard

Karibon is everything food manufacturers  are looking for in a premium CBE while delivering  consumers’ favorite indulgences. Our experienced lipid experts are ready to co-create products for your brand that are both economically viable and deliver premium quality.

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Shea, the tree of life

Shea butter comes from a nut and is a wild harvest crop that grows in the West African Savannah park lands. More fondly known as the ‘tree of life’, the shea tree has profound impact on many lives, not only in its use but also in how it is produced and sourced. Shea butter is well known for its array of nourishing properties. 

Empowering communities

However, shea does so much more than nourish the consumers that use it. Shea helps the communities of its place of origin thrive. These communities rely on the shea industry for their livelihoods. Cooperative groups primarily comprised of and led by women do most of the shea nut collection and represent an integral part of the shea supply chain. This in turn strengthens the position of these women, empowering them to transform their own lives, the lives of their children, families and their entire communities.

Building a sustainable shea supply chain

For over 50 years, Bunge Loders Croklaan has played a leading role in building a sustainable shea supply chain. The commissioning of our first local shea processing plant in Ghana in 2019 is an important step in this journey. We believe that the key to building a better tomorrow for shea communities is by being deeply invested in their growth and prosperity. Our Shea Sustainability Inititiative is set up with the objective to:
• Empower shea collecting women
• Create local socio-economic value
• Conserve and protect the shea landscape

Read more about our sustainable shea initiatives here.