Delivers rapid energy directly to muscles to support muscle-building, maintenance and recovery
Functional ingredient for
Sports nutrition
Active aging
Medical foods
NuliGo, structured MLCTs

NuliGo is a uniquely structured medium- and long-chain triglyceride (sMLCT)
hat supports muscle building, maintenance and recovery in sports nutrition,
active aging and medical foods products.

How it works

Nuligo structured medium- and long-chain triglycerides (sMLCTs) uniquely combine the rapid energy of MCTs and the longer lasting energy of LCTs for greater benefit. By bringing easily accessible energy to muscles, Nuligo sMLCTs spare protein for muscle-building and support post activity recovery.

Structured MLCTs optimize protein utilization as these available sources of energy prevent protein/amino acids from being used for energy, instead, concentrating them in their normal functions which is becoming building blocks for protein synthesis. NuliGo, when combined with the appropriate protein, is an ideal ingredient for active adults targeting athletic performance, endurance, strength, enhanced mobility, and post-injury recovery.


Proven results

Building muscle: spare amino acids to be used in protein synthesis


Muscle building and maintenance across categories

Sports nutrition
Physical strength / Athletic performance / Endurance
Active aging
Strength / Mobility

Medical foods
Nutrient absorption / Tolerability
Versatile ingredient features
Plant based / Suitable for vegans / Neutral taste / Available in both oil and powdered format
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