Revel® | Bunge Loders Croklaan
High-temperature melting fats for sauces
Flavor balance
Oxidative stability
Creamy or smooth mouthfeel

Fats can play an important role in the production of sauces. They are added to enhance taste, flavor, mouthfeel, texture and appearance. Fats act as a flavor carrier and can intensify taste without having their own flavor. The addition of fat improves the mouthfeel resulting in a smooth and creamy final product. It also provides whitening power to the products. Additionally it can assist in preventing clumping or stickiness in dry mixes.

Our Revel range of high-temperature melting fats delivers a range of properties that maintain the visual, sensory and structural properties of your product. All non-lauric, non-hydrogenated and trans fat free. Whether you are looking for an excellent flavor carrier, a fast crystallizing product or a lower saturated fat content, we have a product available that suits your needs.

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