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The first fat system to enable up to 50% sugar reduction with no compromise on taste
Cut the sugar, keep the taste
Up to 50% sugar reduction in final product
No lingering off-taste
Maintains texture and taste
Fits in existing production process
Maintains and even possibly lowers calorie content
Hit the sweet spot between health and indulgence

Consumers are looking for healthier choices even within indulgence products. This means indulgence with less sugar and no compromise in quality and overall taste experience. With governments introducing taxes on sugary foods and clearer product labeling of sugar levels, you can stand out on the shelves by giving consumers great-tasting, reduced-sugar treats, free from artificial sweeteners.

Breakthrough innovation

Sweetolin is a first-of-its-kind breakthrough innovation that delivers a total fat system portfolio of coatings and filling applications that enable a sugar reduction up to 50% in final confectionery products.

Uncompromised taste experience

Guided first and foremost by the goal to deliver a great tasting experience, integrating Sweetolin into a confectionery formulation guarantees no lingering off-taste, unlike any other alternative sugar-reduction solution. This cutting-edge fat-based system is an integrated formula of ingredients that support each other in unlocking natural flavors for an optimal sweet taste experience.

Our lipid and fats expertise tailored to your needs

Sweetolin is a culmination of years of our lipid and fats expertise combined with a cultivated understanding of your formulation challenges. This presents a unique opportunity for co-creation of a customized ready-to-implement solution.

For more information on Sweetolin, read the press release here.

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