Policy & commitments

We buy coconut oil from processors & traders and as such we are 4-5 steps away from farm level. Countries of origin are Philippines and Indonesia with our tier 1 suppliers predominately sourcing from Mindanao (PH) and North Sulawesi (ID).

We have been participating in the initial meetings & discussions of the Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Round Table. This is an industry collaboration that brings together multiple stakeholders involved in the coconut supply chain to identify key challenges and provide solutions. The key areas identified are:

  • Improving smallholder income and livelihoods
  • Enhancing supply chain traceability (not to single farm level)
  • Preventing deforestation and mitigating climate change


Based on our analysis and experience in other agricultural supply chains, we give priority to explore opportunities for a ‘footprint responsibility’ approach. Although we focus on projects in all three areas, improving smallholders livelihoods and their income has been identified as the key area to work on. A ‘footprint responsibility’ will allow Bunge Loders Croklaan and its customers to support activities in a coconut landscape from which our Tier 1 suppliers source coconuts.

The origin of our oils

We source coconut oil from the Philippines and Indonesia, predominantly from Mindanao (PH) and North Sulawesi (ID).