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Bunge Loders Croklaan co-finances primary school in North Ghana
shea - education and health
January 11, 2020
Supporting access to education

Our overall vision for the Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) Shea Sustainability Program is to add value to the country of origin and have a positive impact on the livelihoods of shea collectors. In line with this vision we are committed to support access to education for the children living in shea sourcing communities.

When the BLC team and our supplier visited the Zaazi community, close to Savelugu in Northern Ghana, they were informed about the need for a primary school building for the community. The community members saved money to start the construction of a school in the village, but it was not enough to finish the building. As a result they did not have enough space for all children to follow classes. The children who could not attend the classes were forced to go with their mothers and sit in the sun all day while their mothers worked in the field.

BLC co-financed the construction of the school and as a result 2 new buildings were built and ready to be used in December 2019. When the team visited area again in the first week of December, the painter was working outside to finish the latest details. The two new buildings provide access to education for the children of 470 women from different villages in the region.