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Bunge ramps up monitoring to over 9,000 soybean farms in South America
impact on the ground - soy
October 21, 2020

Bunge announced its 9th Non-Deforestation Progress Report that highlights progress towards our ambitious goal of achieving deforestation-free value chains worldwide by 2025. In Brazil, monitoring has now reached 95% of the direct soybean volumes sourced from the high-risk areas in the Cerrado region. This is a 4% increase since last year while maintaining 100% of the monitoring level in the Chaco region of Argentina and Paraguay.
100% traceability to origin for direct purchases in Brazil and in regions at risk of deforestation in the Chaco region of Argentina and Paraguay is being maintained. Soy volumes are classified as traceable when Bunge has information such as the Rural Environmental Registry number, GPS coordinates, or complete location details of the property where the soy was produced.

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