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Bunge scores 81% in Sustainability Transparency Assessment
November 06, 2018

The Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT) is an online platform supporting sustainable commodity production and trade. Every year, SPOTT assesses commodity producers and traders on the public disclosure of their policies, operations and commitments related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges. SPOTT scores tropical forestry and palm oil companies against 100 sector-specific indicators to bench-mark progress over time.

In the 2018 scorecard, Bunge scored 81% (Higher transparency), placing us in the top 10 most transparent companies. Bunge was considered to publicly disclose more useful information about our operations and have policies on a broad suite of environmental, social and governance challenges. Bunge’s score increased +12% since last year and is more than 30% higher than the average company score of 47%.

More information on the SPOTT scorecard, as well as the detailed assessments, can be found on the SPOTT website