Webinar | Personalization in Infant Nutrition


What are the latest trends in infant nutrition and how to match the natural variations in mother’s milk fat? Research in infant nutrition made us understand that macronutrients in human breast milk vary – not only with lactation stages, diurnally and within feeds, but also regionally. These regional differences are influenced by the mother’s origin and diet. This knowledge is key to helping us match the natural dynamics in mothers’ milk fat. 

We invite you to watch our webinar where we have multiple nutrition experts discuss the latest trends in infant nutrition and the compositional changes in mother’s milk. 

Agenda and speakers:

  • Emma Schofield @02:14 – Associate Director - Global Food Science, Mintel, on trends and personalization in infant nutrition
  • Prof. Virgilio Carnielli @11:49  – MD, PhD, Neonatal Pediatrics, on the natural dynamics of mothers’ milk fat
  • Dr. Emiliano Rial Verde @16:34  – Vice President Nutrition Bunge Loders Croklaan, on the development of Betapol Select
  • Dr. Wiola Mi @ 20:27 – Science Lead Nutrition Bunge Loders Croklaan, on the value of Betapol Select for Chinese parents and babies
  • Q&A @25:30-59:00  – Questions and Answers from the live audience, answered by the experts

This webinar is part of the launch of Betapol® Select, a premium lipid ingredient for infant milk formula that combines the benefits of Betapol with the natural OPL-OPO balance present in Chinese mother’s milk.

Download the Betapol Select leaflet

Betapol® Select Leaflet
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  • Wiola Mi: wiola.mi@bunge.com
  • Emma Schofield: eschofield@mintel.com
  • Virgilio Carnielli: via wiola.mi@bunge.com