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The next generation of infant milk formula
The new standard in OPO

The new Betapol Plus range combines the benefits of Betapol's OPO with the highest SN-2 palmitate levels available on the market. Introducing the new standard. Designed to match mother’s milk fat more closely.

Improved energy intake
Reduced constipation
Increased bone mineral density
Healthy gut bacteria
Reduction of crying
Better night sleep
Improved fine motor skills
Matching mother's milk fat more closely

When breastfeeding is not an option, choosing the best infant formula is key for the healthy growth and development of babies.

The SN-2 palmitate level of mother’s milk fat ranges from 60% to 75%. Until now, no supplier was able to provide an SN-2 palmitate level surpassing 45%.


Today our next generation ready-to-use Betapol Plus Blend 60 offers an SN-2 palmitate level of 60%, significantly surpassing existing offerings. This gives you the opportunity to provide mothers with the best possible alternative for their babies.

OPO explained

Many standard infant milk formulas have a fat structure (POP) that resembles breast milk fat, but the fatty acids are positioned differently.


OPO is a uniquely structured lipid naturally present in breast milk, with 60-75% palmitic acid in the middle SN-2 position, and oleic acid in the outer SN-1 and SN-3 positions.


Higher SN-2 Palmitate Levels Show Increased Nutrients' Absorption

Multiple clinical studies of infants fed with different OPO concentrations suggest that the effect for both fat and calcium absorption increases when higher levels of SN-2 palmitate are present in the formula. This supports the suggestion that closer mimicking of the fatty acid profile of breast milk shows increased effects of the benefits that OPO brings.