Premium infant lipid solution that closely mimics the natural balance in Chinese mother’s milk fat
A next generation innovation
inspired by human breast milk’s natural variations

Betapol® Select is the first product line that mimics the fat composition of Chinese mother’s milk. High SN-2 palmitate levels with the right balance of OPO and OPL (linoleic acid in positions 1 or 3). Inspired by natural variations in the composition of human breast milk.

Improved energy intake
Reduced constipation
Increased bone mineral density
Healthy gut bacteria
Reduction of crying
Better night sleep
The right OPL-OPO balance

Breastfeeding provides babies with the best start in life, but when breastfeeding is not an option choosing the right infant formula is key for babies’ healthy growth and development.

While mother’s milk fat contains only 3-4% fat, it provides 50% of a baby’s energy intake in the first six months. Betapol® Select provides the right OPL-OPO balance to mimic Chinese mother’s milk fat and, at the same time, comply with the new Chinese GB standards for infant and toddler formula.

Regional differences in mother’s milk

OPO and OPL are uniquely structured lipids naturally present in mother’s milk. Recent research into mother’s milk has shown regional differences. In Western mothers’ milk fat, OPO is the most prevalent triglyceride, followed by OPL (Oleic-Palmitic- Linoleic). In Chinese mother’s milk, it is the other way around: the fat composition contains a higher level of OPL, followed by OPO. To mimic this balance, Betapol® Select provides a high level of SN-2 palmitate with the right combination of OPL and OPO triglycerides.

Betapol Select portfolio

We have been able to produce multiple OPL-OPO ratios and SN-2 content ranging from 55% to 75%. We are providing this range of Betapol Select products to different lead customers based on their specific needs and desired value propositions.  

Betapol® Select: a high SN-2 palmitate product with linoleic acid in positions 1 or 3 (OPL) to mimic the fat composition in the milk of Chinese mothers.  

  • Betapol® Select Base 70: a concentrated OPL product with an SN-2 palmitate level of 70% 
  • Betapol® Select Blend 60: a ready-to-use OPL blend with an SN-2 palmitate level of 60%