Vitavance RF 35 - Ruminant
34% paltmitic acid level C16
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RSPO Segregated (on request)
RSPO Mass Balance
Big Bag (600 and 1000 kg)
Paper bag (25 kg)
Product description

The addition of rumen protected fats to a dairy cow’s diet during lactation can help to overcome a negative energy balance and can provide the additional energy and nutrients needed for a sustainable boost in milk volume and fat percentage. Vitavance RF35 is a rumen protected fat specifically tailored to increase the milk production, milk fat percentage and stabilize the milk protein production, while controlling the milk fatty acid composition, especially the level of palmitic (C16) acid.
Total fatty matter: 99%


Melting point (MDP): 60°C
Free Fatty Acid (FFA): 95% (as oleic)
Colour: off-white

Fatty acid composition

C-12: 1%
C-14: 2%
C-16: 34%
C-18-0: 60%
C-18-1: 2%
C-18-2: 1%

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Vitavance RF35
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