Where life grows

For over 50 years, we have played a leading role in the sourcing and processing of shea as an important raw material. The opening of our first local shea processing plant in Tema, Ghana is the next step in this journey. With this also comes the responsibility to work in a sustainable, transparent, and traceable way. This is what brought our shea sustainability initiatives to life in 2017.

The Where Life Grows campaign is a tribute to the long-standing shea legacy in the region and celebrates BLC’s ongoing commitments and efforts within its shea sustainability program. The program was set up with the objective to empower shea collecting women, create socio-economic value in their communities, and conserve and regenerate the shea landscape in the region.

Our commitments
Tree of life

Did you know that the Shea tree, that grows in the West African Savannah park lands, is known as the "Tree of Life"? The shea nut from this tree is used to make shea butter, which is known for its nourishing properties and used as an ingredient in food and personal care products. 

Shea for good

Shea is more than just a product, it turns life into purposeful living, helping the communities of its place of origin thrive. West-African communities rely on the shea industry for their livelihoods. Cooperative groups primarily comprised of and led by women do most of the shea nut collection and represent an integral part of the shea supply chain. This in turn strengthens the position of these women, empowering them to transform their own lives, the lives of their children, families and their entire communities. 

Where women grow, life grows
Dora Torwiseh tells about empowering women

In our first blog about key people who make a remarkable contribution within the shea supply chain, we talk to the effervescent and inspiring Dora Haborsutei Torwiseh, Founder of Nuts for Growth and NGO Women for Change. She tells us all about the women of shea and the impactful work her organization does to empower them.


Where the shea tree grows, life grows
Alidu Tia tells about conserving and protecting the shea landscape

In our second blog about key people who make a remarkable contribution within the shea supply chain, we talk to Alidu Tia, supply chain officer for Bunge Loders Croklaan in Tamale, Northern Ghana. He tells us about Bunge Loders Croklaan’s efforts to conserve and protect the shea parklands through their partnership with Eco Restore, a Ghanaian agri-business start-up.

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Shea dashboard
Transparency and verification for all our efforts in our shea dashboard on the shea page

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